Iran: Five female prisoners stage hunger strike after agents confiscate their personal belongings

Five prisoners detained in the Central Urmia Prison went on a hunger strike to protest the seizure of their personal belongings, including their blankets.
“On Wednesday, October 11, a number of prison guards came into our section on the pretext of inspections and started searching our personal belongings”, one of the prisoners said.
“During the inspection, they confiscated some of our personal belongings including the blankets of several female prisoners saying that we had more stuff than we needed”, she added.
According to the source, the seizure of blankets, especially when the weather was getting colder, was met with widespread protests by the prisoners.
In protest to this action, five prisoners, identified as Arasteh Ranjbar, Mohabat Mahmoudi, Zainab Sakanand, Nazdar Vatankhah and Nosrat Ali Nejad, who have spent the most time in this prison, went on hunger strikes.
According to this source, blankets in the prison are very dirty and unhygienic and prisoners’ families supply things like blankets and other supplies for the prisoners.

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