Iran: Detained member of Elite Foundation goes on hunger strike

Alireza Golipour, a member of the National Elite Foundation and a Ph.D. student of electrical engineering in Germany, who has been imprisoned in Evin prison since 2012 for security related crimes, started a hunger strike eight days ago.
This news was announced by his lawyer Azita Gharibiglo, on Friday, October 20.
According to Gharibiglo, Alireza suffers from many medical complications, including heart and liver complication, and internal bleeding. He has gone on hungers strike in protest the authority’s failure to pay attention to the doctor’s assessment about him not being able to tolerate detention.
His attorney has also said that he has lost 7kg and his pressure has dropped by five points. Alireza Golipour was arrested in 2012 by the Ministry of Intelligence and Revolutionary Guards Corps on charges of moving confidential information out of the country and was repeatedly interrogated.
On April 18, 2016, the 15th Branch of the Revolutionary Court sentenced him to 39 years and 9 months of prison and 164 lashes. Golipour, who is now 31 years old, was arrested before this during the 2009 uprising.

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