Iran: Political prisoner not released despite court decision

Despite a ruling against the initial ruling for political prisoner Emadodin Mullazehi by the Sistan and Baluchistan Provincial Court of Appeals, ordering his release, the interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence refuse to release this political prisoner.
Emadodin Mullazehi miraculously lived through an ambush set up for him by the Revolutionary Guards Corps in 2016 for his assassination. The agents mistakenly assassinated one of his friends, Khalil Jahan Dideh, instead of him.
When they realized they had killed someone else, they arrested Emadodin Mullazehi and physically and mentally tortured him for several days to force him into false confessions in order to cover up their mistake. This prisoner is now suffering from kidney complications and bleeding in his stomach as a result of the torture. Despite this, agents have deprived him of much needed medical treatment.

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