Iran: Young prisoner targeted and battered

Recently the Sanandaj small prison gym was closed depriving the prisoners the opportunity to exercise. On October 29, 2017 Ashkan Ahmadi was assaulted for protesting the closure of the prison gym to the warden. The Warden Aziz Heidary along with the interior director of the prison Seyed Naderi, Mehrdad Avaghi a prison guard, Rooshani the officer on duty and four to five soldiers assaulted Ashkan Ahmadi for protesting the closer of the gym. The beating of this prisoner was so severe that it caused a concussion to his head needing 25 stiches, his hand is likely broken and is in bandages for the time being. After the beating the prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement by the order of the authorities. Ashkan Ahmadi is being held for 11 months at the Sanandaj Prison on charges of murder while his case is being reviewed.

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