AI Slams Iran For Humiliating Two Prisoners Of Conscience November 07, 2017

Amnesty International, AI, has slammed the Islamic Republic for shackling and handcuffing two prisoners of conscience who are bedbound in a hospital.
It is regrettable, AI notes, that Iranian officials instead of immediately releasing Mahmoud Salehi and Mohammad Nazari have humiliated them.
According to AI, Salehi and Nazari who needed medical treatment were transferred to a hospital where they have been shackled to their beds.
“It is regrettable that Iranian officials, instead of immediately releasing Mahmoud Salehi and Mohammad Nazari, have treated them as criminals, persecute, humiliate and tying them to their beds”, AI’s researcher for Iran related cases, Raha Bahreini told Radio Farda.
International laws allow using tools such as fetters and handcuffs only for the prisoners who might harm themselves or attack others and try to escape, AI reiterated.
Furthermore, using chains and shackles that humiliate prisoners’ dignity and bring pain upon them is unlawful at any given situation.
Earlier, several prisoners in Iran, while needing medical treatment, had preferred to stay in their cells and avoid putting on prison uniform and being handcuffed.
Referring to its investigation and research, AI has announced that the judiciary and prison officials in the Islamic Republic are constantly violating international laws and insist on shackling and handcuffing political prisoners whenever they are taken to hospital.
“As a rule, such behavior is aimed to humiliate, persecute, punish and bring extra pain upon prisoners and, in many cases, has delayed or disturbed their medical treatment”, AI noted.

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