Iran: Killing of poor porters has continued during the past few days


The shocking details of arbitrary murders of Iranian people by the State Security Forces continue to emerge. The SSF Border Guards, on November 6, 2017, tortured a 13-year-old porter to death in a village in Khoy, East Azerbaijan Province. The teen porter identified as Rasoul Yousefi was arrested for carrying 20 liters of gasoline. In another development on November 5, the SSF Coast Guards targeted two young men riding on a boat in the city of Minab in Hormozgan Province (southern Iran), killing one and injuring the other. The victim is identified as Sohrab Malahi and the latter is identified as Mohammad Malahi. The two young were not carrying any goods and they were just passing, according to credible sources. The Urmia IRGC forces opened fire on a car on October 25, killing all the six passengers, four of whom were members of opposition Kurdish parties. The Urmia’s IRGC claimed in an official statement issued on 24 October, that the four members of Kurdish groups have killed two indigenous citizens in West Azarbaijan province, according to the state-run Tasnim news agency. Local sources however, say that the two, Saeid Esmaeilyar and Majid Dalayi Milan were on the car along with four others when the IRGC forces shot and killed all of them without any prior warning.