Iran: Cameras and spectators banned in women’s futsal game

futsal game

Iran was scheduled to host a friendly futsal match between the National Women’s Futsal Leagues in Italy and Iran. Iranian girls had planned to watch the game at the stadium; these were girls who had been deprived from watching national games at stadiums for years.
From last week, on the verge of the match, efforts by the media to get information about the game increased while officials became less responsive in this regard. Even the exact time and the stadium that the game was to be held in was not announced which was the subject of many complaints. This is never seen in men’s matches, especially when a European team was invited to Iran.
While many fans were constantly asking about how to get tickets and photographers and reporters were asking whether they needed an ID card for the competition, it was said that because the Italian team did not wear a hijab, it was not yet determined whether an audience, photographers and reporters would be able to be present at the match. It was also said that the Ministry of Sport’s Protection Agency had to decide on the matter.
After the match, which was held with only 600 spectators, movie director Tahmineh Milani, published a photo of the friendly match on her Instagram and wrote that “Iran won in a friendly match 1-3 against Italy”.
“It was reported that only 600 spectators were allowed in the stadium. The fans were not allowed to bring their cellphones or cameras into the stadium”, she wrote. (Tnews state-run Website, Jamaran state-run Website – Nov. 22, 2017)