Prisoner tortured and sentenced to death for crime he did not commit

Seyed Iman Hossein Moghaddam

Seyed Iman Hossein Moghaddam, whose public execution sentence was announced on charges of rape, has denied the charges against him.
“I am 35 years old and did not have a criminal record before this”, he said.
“I was in the construction business and also bought and sold cars. In 2013, I went to the carnival with my children. I was sitting in the park when a man came up to me and said that he knew me and that I had stolen from his home and had tried to rape his wife. After some time, they arrested me in my mother’s home… The tortures started. When I was first brought to the Shapour Police Station, I was 123 kilos and when I was taken to prison I weighed 78 kilos… The torture was so severe that if you look at the videos that were taken when I was talking in the Police Station, you would see that I passed out a number of times while talking and that I had become delirious… We had 147 documented reasons on why I was innocent, none of which were taken into consideration… In general, they there were 40 plaintiffs assigned to me but only 16 of them showed up in court … It is very obvious that this case had many suspects (but they pinned everything on me.)”