Young political prisoner writes letter to Iran Special Rapporteur

Mohammad Saber Malek Reisi, a young political prisoner currently on hunger strike, wrote a letter to Ms. Asmah Jahangir, the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran.
His letter reads in parts:
“On Wednesday November 27, my religion and beliefs were insulted by the Central Ardabil Prison Protection and Intelligence Office and I was then taken to the office of the head of prison guards. While there, the head of the section and the head of the guards tied my hands and feet and beat me with a baton. While punching and kicking my face, they used profane language against my family to insult me. They then transferred me to quarantine while still tied up with a bruised body. One of the prisoners in the quarantine, who also works for them, was hired to start a fight with me so they could make it seem as though prisoners were fighting each other…The prisoner attacked me three times during three hours… In the last fight, he struck me on the head with a tea flask with such force that I passed out and fell to the floor. I landed on the right side of my face which became completely bruised and injured…
When I regained conscience and opened my eyes, I found myself on a prison hospital bed. I had forgotten what had happened and did not understand why I was in that place…
I asked the doctor and medical staff what had happened to me and why I was in the clinic. They told me that I had fought with and killed someone! I believed them and was very scared and worried that I had committed murder until I gradually remembered everything and realized that this was yet another lie just like all the others…
They documented the fight and asked me to file charges against the other prisoner and to sign the document, but I did not sign anything because my only complaint is against Parviz Surazar, the Head of the Protection and Information Office at the Central Ardabil Prison, Farhad Norouzi, the Head of the Section and Ghafour Sadeghzadeh, the head of the prison guards.
In the end, I ask your eminence, to save me and my family from this cruel regime.
I would also like to mention that I have been on hunger strike since Wednesday November 27 to demand my freedom because I have not committed any crimes.
I have been in prison for nine years only because they want to arrest and control my brother Abid al-Rahman and I have become a hostage of this regime.Mohammad Saber Malek Reisi
Quarantine of the Central Ardabil Prison

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