Former national futsal player Shiva Amini applies for asylum in Switzerland

Former national futsal player Shiva Amini, who played for premier leagues, has applied for asylum in Switzerland. The 28-year-old futsal player posted videos of herself in social media playing football without the hijab while on vacation in Europe. Since then, the officials of the Iran Football Federation have thrown her out of the futsal national team for not observing Islamic laws. They have banned her from playing for various Iranian clubs and even from coaching. She is now in Switzerland seeking asylum, according to the state-run Mizan news agency on December 12, 2017.

In a post on her Instagram, Shiva Amini wrote, “I had never thought that I would not ever be able to play in my own country again, because of a piece of cloth that I did not cover my head with and because my legs were not completely covered just in a private trip and not in an official competition.”

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