Iran: young Kurdish tradesmen shot dead by the SSF

Kurdish porters

The State Security Force targeted tow young Kurdish porters on December 17, 2017, leading to the death of both. The victims were identified as Osman Ahmadi, 20, and Mohammad Bahrami, 22, father of a 2.5-year-old girl. They were from Bitush village in Sardasht, northwestern Iran.

In another development on the eve of December 9, a Kurd man named Kamal Rahmanpour was directly shot by security forces while driving on the Qazvin – Tehran road.  He was severely wounded and taken to Qazvin Hospital.
One of the relatives of the man said government troops fired at his car without prior warning. He has three bullet wounds in his hands and legs.

Every year, hundreds of unarmed Kurdish porters and tradesmen are killed or injured by Iranian security forces near the western borders of Iran mainly in the provinces of Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan and Kermanshah.
Regarding the arbitrary killing of Kurdish porters and tradesmen a prominent Iranian lawyer stated that that over the past years, all such murders of Kurdish porters and tradesmen were considered as “unintentional” and the killers (The SSF agents) were immune from prosecution.