Iran: Jailed scientist Ahmadreza Jalali says his TV confessions not reliable

Ahmadreza Jalali

Ahmadreza Jalali, a scientist sentenced to death in Iran, said in an audio file attributed to him that his confessions broadcasted on state-run TV a few days ago were not reliable. In this audio file, he said that his confessions were taken under unfavorable psychological conditions and with a promise of his freedom. Those close to Ahmadreza Jalali spoke with the Persian BBC on December 19 and confirmed the audio file saying that Ahmadreza Jalali had recorded it in prison.

In the “Confessions” video that was broadcasted two days ago by Iranian state television, the Iranian researcher said that when he was studying and working in Europe, a person named Thomas introduced him to intelligent agents.

It was said in this documentary that Ahmadreza Jalali provided intelligence regarding assassinated (Iranian) scientists to Mossad. BBC reported on December 19, 2017.
On the evening of Sunday December 17, state-run TV broadcasted the “confessions” of detained scientist Ahmadreza Jalali. In the video, which was produced by the Anti Espionage Department of the Ministry of Intelligence, Jalali confesses to spying for the Israeli secret service, Mossad.

According to Jalali’s wife, these confessions were taken from her husband after pressure was put on him. His wife, Vida Mehrania, said that her husband was threatened that their children in Sweden would be killed if he didn’t cooperate with them. She also stated that her husband had been given drugs before he was filmed, according to Deutsche Welle.
Ahmadreza Jalali had told his wife in a telephone call that during the interview, interrogators did not allow him to respond and repeatedly cut him off.