Iran: Disastrous unemployment rates among university graduates in Yazd

The Deputy Director of Statistics and Information Management and Planning Organization of Yazd Province said that according to the unemployment statistics in 2017, in the province 18,205 people with higher education were unemployed, the state-run Fars news agency reported on December 16, 2017.

“From a total of 541,774 who are economically inactive (in Iran), 105,666 have higher education and 436,098 people have other kinds of education,” Fakhroddin said. “Out of the total population of educated inactive people, 39,335 are men while 66,331 are women, and in the province, approximately 63 percent of educated women are unemployed,” he added.

The Iranian youth, faces soaring unemployment as one of its main problems. Almost 15 million people have no jobs, at least 4.5 million of whom are university graduates.  In 1986, almost 70% of university graduates could find jobs shortly after leaving school. By 2011, that rate dropped to less than 50%.

That is, more than 50% of Iran’s educated are unemployed while the rest are employed in menial jobs such as construction workers, street peddlers, repairmen, etc. which are not compatible with their professional training and studies.

However, the figures published by the state should be considered as minimum with the actual figures being considerably higher.

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