Iranian Swedish academic on verge of execution

Tehran Attorney General Jafari Dolatabadi cited his meeting with Ahmadreza Jalali (Iranian Swedish academic) who is detained (in Evin Prison) and has been sentenced to death, saying that the information provided by Ahmadreza included full details about the documentation of 30 individuals involved in research, military, defense and nuclear projects, according to the state-run Mehr news agency report on December 25, 2017.
“The defendant also confessed to the exchange of classified government intelligence related to research, military, defense and nuclear projects in return for receiving sums of money as well as citizenship for him and his family in Sweden”, he added…
The case was seen to in Branch 15 of the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court with the presence of the defendant, his attorney and the prosecutor’s representative. The court sentenced Jalali to death according to article 286 of the Islamic Penal Code. The defendant protested the verdict through his lawyer but the Supreme Court upheld the verdict on December 2.

The Iranian Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Iranian researcher Ahmad Reza Jalali despite widespread international opposition.
Dabir Darya Beigi, Jalali’s lawyer, received the verdict for the death sentence on Sunday December 10.
Ahmad Reza Jalali has worked with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and East Primo University in Italy. He was arrested in May 2016 following a trip to Iran. Jalali was invited by Tehran and Shiraz University to attend a crisis management workshop. The prominent academic was kept in solitary confinement during the seven months after his arrest.

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