Iranian independent filmmaker is banned from making movies, leaving Iran

Iranian independent filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, who has been banned from leaving Iran since September 16, said that he had been kept in a state of limbo for the past three months. The director also said that he was both banned from making movies in Iran and leaving Iran to visit with his family and follow up on his projects. Rasoulof said that he was interrogated in one of the Revolutionary Guards Corps safe houses for more than four and half hours where he was accused of gathering and conspiring to act against national security and spreading propaganda against the government.

The Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasullof, had previously said that security officials had informed him that he should wait for further interrogations. Mr. Rasullof further added he faces two charges of gathering and conspiring against national security and spreading propaganda against the establishment. Mr. Rasullof was sentenced to six years of prison in 2010 for similar charges. The reason for those charges was a documentary he made on protests following the 2009 presidential election.

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