Iran: Hundreds of Iranian protesters arrested, Iran warns of crackdown

Iranian students

Scrambling to counter the nationwide anti-establishment demonstrations, Iranian authorities resorted to violence against Iranian protesters.

Iranian protesters took to the streets in the cities of Tehran, Kermanshah, Shahrekord, Mashhad, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, Ahwaz, Amol, Izeh, Arak, Zanjan, Kerman, Lahijan, Behbahan, Doroud, Khorramabad, Gorgan, Saveh, Malayer, Hashtgerd, Chabahar, etc.

Iranian authorities attempted to suppress Iranian protesters firing tear gas and stationing water cannons.

At least two Iranian protesters were shot dead on December 30, 2017 in the city of Doroud, in western Lorestan Province. A videos posted on social media appeared to show two young Iranian protesters lying motionless on the ground and covered with blood and a voiceover said they had been shot dead by the SSF.

“Police had no choice but to confront and shoot at people who broke norms last night and poured into the streets,” said Ahmadreza Kazemi, parliamentary representative from Pole Dokhtar, in Lorestan Province, on December 31.

Incoming reports from reliable sources indicate security forces in the capital have opened fire on the people. One is reported possibly dead. Many others were wounded and arrested.

Reuters reported that footage on social media showed riot police clubbing and arresting the demonstrators, and said protesters were also arrested elsewhere in Tehran.

Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi on December 31, admitted that a number of Iranian protesters have been arrested and they would face heavy punishment.

Ali Asghar Naserbakht, deputy governor of Tehran province, was quoted as saying by ILNA news agency that 200 Iranian protesters had been arrested in Tehran’s Enghelab Square and Valiasr Crossroad on Saturday.

According to the same state media an official in Arak has reported the arrest of about 80 people in Arak’s Saturday night’s events, saying that about three to four people were injured, whose injuries were not serious.

The State Security Force in Bandar Abbas also arrested Iranian protesters. a 16-year-old boy identified as Nima Jafari is amongst those arrested.