Widespread arrests as Iran protests continue on the fifth consecutive day

Iran protests continue

As Iran protests continue fifth day running across the country, Iranian officials warned of crackdown against the protesters.

The head of Iran’s Judiciary, Sadegh Amoli Larijani, said today: “I ask all prosecutors across the country to enter and their approach must be firm.” He urged the regime’s repressive law enforcement institutions and judicial authorities to deal with the “rioters.” According to the State TV reports on January 1, 2018.

Hassan Rouhani appeared Sunday on TV to threaten the protesters. He said, “The government will show no tolerance for those who damage public property, violate public order and create unrest in society.”

Iranian officials have admitted that thousands of Iranian protesters have been detained during the five days of nationwide protests.

Deputy governor of Tehran province, Ali Asghar Naserbakht, said on Sunday that some 200 people arrested on December 30, the third day of the uprising in the area between “Enqelab Square and Mosadeq Square” in Tehran.

Ali Azadeh, governor of Markazi province, said in an interview on December 31 that on December 30 “We arrested more than 100 in Arak, and we think that in the next few days we will identify and arrest more of the attackers with the information we have obtained.”

“50 to 60 people have been arrested in Kashan’s illegal gatherings,” State-run Mehr News Agency quoted the Kashan prosecutor Ahmad Takbirgo who added “Any kind of illegal gathering or arrogant activists in Kashan will be treated in lawful and serious manner.” He further added “According to the law, those who intend to fight against the regime are considered a corruptor in earth and necessary legal proceedings will be carried out.”

Alireza Radfar, Political and Security Deputy Governor of the West Azerbaijan Province, announced the arrest of 10 people, according to Tasnim News Agency, affiliated to the terrorist Quds Force.

The state-run ILNAnews agency qouted Col. Abdullah Zadeh Pashaki, police chief of city of Robat Karim as saying 11 people were arrested last night.