Iran: IRGC threatens political prisoners to death

Rajaei Shahr Prison

Severe security measures have been taken in Rajaie Shahr Prison in Karaj as of December 30. According to reports, Revolutionary Guards Corps forces have been stationed in the prison and have told political prisoners that they should not be optimistic about recent events. Prisoners were told that “if anything happens, none of you will get out of prison alive.”

According to reliable sources torturers of Rajaie Shahr Prison have been seen taking part in the crackdown of demonstrations in this city.

Another reports indicate that on Thursday Evin Prison security officials asked political prisoners to participate in a televised interview in support of the leader and government officials in exchange for their freedom. An informed source said that political prisoners had refused the request. According to the source, all prison leaves for political and nonpolitical prisoners have been cancelled until further notice.