Father of slain protester forced to testify against son on video

Sarou Ghahremani

The Sanandaj Intelligence Agency in Kurdistan province, threatened the father of slain protester Sarou Ghahremani after transferring him to their offices, to testify against his son. They have also provided the video of his testimony to state-run news agencies.

A source close to the Ghahremani family said that after news on the family receiving the body of their son was released, Intelligence Agents came over and took Sarou’s father and mother away.

“A few hours later, the video was broadcasted on IRIB TV. I don’t know what they were told or how they were threatened but the video is a forced testimony of a father against his son,” the person added.

Note: Twenty-four-year-old Sarou Ghahremani was arrested during the protests in Sanandaj on January 2. His body was returned to his family on January 13. A source close to the family said that there were bruises all over his body.