Iran: 200 Kurd citizens including 10 women arrested in protests

More than 200 Kurd citizens including 10 women were arrested by government security agencies in Iran and Kurdish cities during the recent protests. According to reports, in the first two weeks of January, more than 10 Kurd women were arrested in Ilam, Kermanshah and Urmia by security institutions. Seven of these women have been identified as Sara Jamshidi, Shahla Vahdatpour, Turan Mehraban, Laleh Aghaei, Nastaran Akasheh, Ashraf Akbarpour, and Nazdar Amir Mohammadi.

Despite the passage of three weeks since the arrest of these women, only Turan Mehraban has been released on bail.

Arbitrary arrests in recent protests had been made across the country including the arrest of at least 400 women in Izeh, in Khuzistan Province, SW Iran.

At least 8,000 protesters were arrested during Iran protest. According to a classified report obtained from inside Iran, 35% of those arrested were students. Earlier, IRGC brigadier Hossein Zolfaghari, security deputy Minister of Interior, announced that more than 90% of the detainees are juveniles and teenagers with an average age of under 25, the state media reported on January 1st.

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