Iran’s security forces arrested at least 6 renowned civil activists

At least six renowned civil activists were arrested on Thursday, February 1, 2018 across Iran.

The detainees are identified as Saeed Eghbali, Behnam Musivand, Mahmoud Masoumi, Shima Babaie, Dariush Zand and Leila Faraji. Another detainee is a woman from northern city of Rasht, whose identity is still under investigation. Most of the arrested activists have had previous detention records for their activities.

Shima Babaie and her husband Dariush Zand were arrested as intelligence agents disguised as postmen raided their home, reports indicate.

Behnam Musivand was violently arrested in his home, according to a credible source. He had recently been released after enduring one year behind bars.

Meanwhile, Leila Faraji was arrested as security forces raided her home. There is no information about her whereabouts. However, unconfirmed news of her release are reported just hours after her arrest.

There is still no information available on the reasons and details of the arrests.

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