Iran: No report on the fate of detained human rights activist

Behnam Musivand

Concerns are growing about the fate of human rights activist, Behnam Musivand, who was arrested at his house on February 1, 2018.

Musivand suffers from heart disease but he is not taking his medicine which he is supposed to take regularly.

Musivand’s father says “when I went back home on February 1, I found my wife fainted to the ground while eight security agents confiscating my home.” Mr. Musivand underlined the agents introduced themselves as intelligence agents. He further says they do not have any news on their son’s fate and their effort to obtain any information on him had been in vein.

Two weeks after the arrest of seven activists Shima Babaei and her husband Dariush Zand, Saeed Eghbali, Leila Farjami, Mahmoud Masoumi and Behnam Mousivand, there has been no phone contact or family visit and they have not had access to a lawyer. One of the detainees, Nader Afshari is on 11th day of his hunger strike, protesting his arrest. He is currently being held at Section 209 in Evin Prison which is under the control of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Amnesty International  raised grave concerns about the “coordinated arrests” of Iranian activists on the same day, stating “These arrests are only the latest episode in a long crackdown on any form of human rights work in Iran, intended to wipe out the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly in the country. We urge the Iranian authorities to stop this attack on human rights defenders and allow them to work in a safe environment without fear of reprisals.”