Iran: Dissident journalist abducted in Turkey

Arash Shoah Shargh

According to news sources, Arash Shoja Shargh, a 24-year-old dissident journalist who is against the Islamic Republic of Iran has not come back to his home (in Turkey) since Monday February 5. After he was forced to leave Iran and due to journalistic activities in his Telegram channel, Gilane No, intelligence agents threatened his family that if Arash did not end his activities against the government and did not stop inviting the people of Rasht to participate in protests, they would assassinate him. Arash also reported before his abduction that the representative of the prosecutor had told his family that “their son is a mohareb (enemy of God) and will be sentenced to death”. “If he stops his activities and writes a letter of remorse, we can help him return to Iran and his punishment would be commuted”, the representative told his family. Arash Shoja Shargh started his media activity in 2007. Prior to his departure from Iran, he was sentenced to flogging and imprisonment by the 107th Branch of the Rasht Penal Court on charges of publishing lies.