All age groups arrested by Cyber Police for so-called cyber crimes

The head of the Golestan Cyber Police cited an increase in crime in cyberspace saying that studies showed that from the criminals identified in the province’s cyberspace, 67 percent had a diploma or lower and the rest had higher education.

Vahid Sahebkaran also said that 61 percent of criminals in cyberspace were in the age group of 25 to 39. “In the past 11 months, 86 percent of the province’s cyberspace cases have led to the identification of the accused, but this year it has reached 92 percent”, he added…“The youngest criminal identified in Golestan’s cyberspace was 15 years old”, the head of the Golestan Cyber Police said. (The state-run IRNA news agency – Feb. 21, 2018)

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