Amputee worker says government should have just employed him instead of amputation

Alireza Qomi Shandiz, a worker whose four fingers were amputated in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad on charges of theft talked about his life after the amputation.

Speaking with the state-run Shahrvand daily on February 17, 2018 he said “I’m about 40 years old. We were four people who were charged with theft and had finger amputation issued for us. Along with 10 years of prison and 74 lashes. They cut off my fingers in 1999, 15 years ago, with a guillotine in Vakil Abad Prison… Since my fingers were cut off, I did not have even one good day. Why didn’t you give me a job then? Couldn’t they have given me a job instead of cutting off my fingers?”

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