Iran: Soheil Arabi in dire conditions on 3rd day of dry hunger strike

On the 43rd day of his hunger strike which has turned dry since three days ago, political prisoner Soheil Arabi is in critical conditions and his life is in danger. In a message he sent out on March 6, from behind bars, Soheil Arabi says;

“At least allow me to donate my body parts. I don’t think I will live another 3 days. Neither water nor food, nor even I allow serum injection. I should have been released 29 Aug 2017 but I am still detained. I am deprived of my rights including having a bed. The principle of separation of different prisoners’ categories has been violated in my case.

I am spending my prison sentence in the ward of ordinary prisoners who are occasionally incited by the regime to harass and harm us.

After being taken to The Great Tehran Penitentiary more than three times, I was threatened with death and rape and I hardly defended myself. Prison guards, incited prisoners and even the nurse of prison clinic dare to insult us and when I answer them they tell us to behave ourselves.

Our crime is speaking up against oppression.

Now that you do not free me and do not let me live with my friends, Arash or Manuchehr who understand me, at least allow me to donate my body parts.

Soheil Arabi

The Great Tehran Penitentiary

March 6, 2018”

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