Moving Message of Political Prisoner on Dry Hunger Strike, Soheil Arabi on the Verge of Demise

Political prisoner Soheil Arabi on the forty-sixth day of his strike at Tehran’s Great Prison has sent the following message:

“Place your Nowruz spread or sofreh (Persian New Year tradition) in front of their (regime’s) prison gates.

It’s dry and weird in the torture chamber dying with suffering from depression, after an unsuccessful strike.

I prefer the first option of “death” to surrender to the oppressors.

Breaking my strike means: me, Arash, Golrokh and Atena (Three other fellow political prisoners), should continue to endure the torture that is getting worse every day.

A true combatant, even inside the prison, will never stay silenced in the face of oppression of himself and of people who sacrificed for them. Now that they torture my friends, I scream with all my heart, and I call on all the supporters of the political prisoners not to abandon me and my fellows in this path.

Place your Nowrus spereads in front of their prisons and, by holding the photos of political prisoners, firstly send a messages to your heroes that they are not left alone; secondly warn the torturers that they are not allowed to torment us as they wish.


The mourners have no chance for ‘Eid’ (the persian New Year celebration)

O Eid turn back from Iran since we have got no Eid in Iran

When the parrot in a cage says Happy Eid

One knows it is a mere imitation and not real

There might die in the cell an innocent prisoner

But, the criminal oppressor will never last forever

After three days of saying no to water, food, feed, and even serum, you feel like you are a desert. A desert that gets dry at any moment. Every moment you feel dry. No! No! Drops of water cannot save me from drying.

I want a flood

A flood that topples this apparatus of oppression, which has enchained the highbrows and devotees of the deprived, from Mina Zarrin to Athena Daemi, who spent the best days of their young days in prisons of “the Islamic Republic”. And also From Mohammad Nazari; Ali Moezi; Arash Sadeghi to Alireza Tavakoli

That was all to reach a point today that neither the “reformers” nor “the principalists” were sympathetic to us, and we should put a happy ending to this sad and bitter story as soon as possible.

The winter will be ended.

Soheil Arabi

Great Tehran Prison

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