Report on horrific condition of Baluch political prisoners in Zahedan Prison

The death sentence of political prisoner Ismael She Bakhsh held in Zahedan Prison was confirmed by the Supreme Court during the last few days. The 30-year-old prisoner was arrested two years ago by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and was sentenced to death in a show trial.

Another political prisoner identified as Abdulhakim Chakerzehi who is around 28 years old was transferred to the quarantine section of the Central Zahedan Prison eight days ago. Intelligence agents severely tortured him before his transfer. According to reports, agents stripped him naked in freezing weather and poured cold water on him.

The quarantine section where he is being kept lacks minimum facilities. Chakerzehi was arrested 19 months ago.

Other reports indicated that political prisoner Mohammad Jan Azizi, 21, who was shot by security forces before his arrest and was wounded in the right hand, has been left without any medical treatment and is now suffering from an infection in his wound. The young political prisoner is detained in Zahedan Prison’s Section 2.

According to reports, 19-year-old Ahmad Hossein Baviz, who was a minor when arrested, has been denied medical treatment and is in very poor health as a result of torture and poor living conditions. He has been detained in Section 2 for the past three years and is in critical condition.

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