Minor offender on verge of execution despite evidenced psychological issues

Mohammad Kalhori, a student who killed his teacher due to psychological problems in 2014 will probably be hanged in the upcoming days.
Mohammad was sentenced to three years of prison and paying diyah (blood money) in a court of first instance due to his psychological problems, but after complaints by the victim’s family and involvement of members of Majlis in the case, his sentenced was changed to death, despite all his medical records showing that he was not in good mental health and that the murder was carried out unintentionally.

The reaction of the Ministry of Education was also somewhat strange; it seems that the Ministry has only backed the teacher.

It had been two weeks that Mohammad was in poor mental condition and always carried around a knife, but none of the teachers paid the slightest attention to his psychological state, and now after this incident, they have demanded the capital punishment for him.

“His mother told me that Mohammad was not well and that I should take him to a doctor,” his father explains.

“I came back from Tehran to Borujerd to get permission to take him out of school for the doctor’s appointment. The school principal gave me permission but then they told me that this happened”, Mohammad’s father said.

“At home, he was very secluded and inward. He wanted to throw himself down from the building one day. It was 10 or 12 days that he was like this. That’s why I got a doctor’s appointment for him”, his father added…

Mohammad’s educational background is also somewhat complicated.

“My son went to night school and got his junior high degree from there and then went to a normal school for his first year of high school. He became like this when he started normal school. The medical examiner and the doctor at the correctional center all confirmed that Mohammad was not well; the initial sentence was three years of prison and blood money but some members of Majlis wrote a letter which is in his files and you can see them. My son was never in a fight with anyone before this, but they wrote that Mohammad was involved in five fights”, he added…

Mohammad was born on December 1998 and is now over18 years old…

This is his father’s message to the victim’s family:

“Please pardon Mohammad. Mohammad is not well, was unaware and did not understand what he was doing. Please forgive him so that our boy can return to us.”
(The state-run Aftab  Website – Mar. 17, 2018)

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