Systematic mismanagement leads to drying out of 90% of Iran’s wetlands

Iran Environment

A member of the Majlis Environment Fraction said that the country’s water situation was critical. “Many rivers including Orumieh Lake, and Zayandeh Roud have dried out and are on the verge of destruction”, Jonathan Bet Kolia said.

He cited the condition of Urmia Lake adding that “if the lake completely dries out and is destroyed, around 14 provinces would be destroyed”.

“Due to the salt in that region, if there is a storm or severe rain, the whole region will be destroyed”, he added. “Of course some methods have been put forth to revive Urmia Lake including creating channels and bringing water from the Caspian Sea and other oceans or channeling other rivers to the lake, but in practice no steps have been taken to realize these solutions and even if steps have been taken, they have not been tangible”, he added.  “Only 10% of the wetlands have not dried up as yet, but if plans are not made to preserve them, these remaining wetlands will surely be destroyed”, the member of the Majlis Environment Fraction said. (Majlis official Website – Mar. 20, 2018)