Death row prisoner continues hunger protesting his death sentence despite innocence

Death row prisoner Valliollah Taghizadeh, who has been detained for the past 12 years in the Central Tabriz Prison, has been on hunger strike since February 14 in protest to a violation of his rights.

Mr. Taghizadeh, who has lost 22 kilos, is suffering from a severe drop in blood pressure and refuses to being given IV medication. Since the onset of his hunger strike, it has been reported that none of the prison authorities have looked into his case and he has faced complete negligence from authorities…  According to a person close to Mr. Taghizadeh, he has denied the murder charges brought against him.

“Valliollah says that he confessed to murder 11 years ago under torture and despite the fact that the person who has filed a suit against him knows that he is innocent and has not agreed to the sentence being carried out, the judge issued the death sentence based on his own knowledge”, the source added…

Valliollah Taghizadeh, 41, is being kept in Section 9 in Tabriz Central Prison.

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