Ailing Kurd political prisoner in danger of losing leg denied medical treatment

Amir Peighami, a 28-year-old Kurd political prisoner, is in poor critical condition in Urmia Prison. Prison officials have refused to allow him to receive medical treatment outside of prison. “The Kurd political prisoner has appealed his court ruling and is now in an undetermined state in prison”, an informed source said.

“The prisoner, who is from Ashnavieh is detained in Section 12. Last November, the judge overseeing the prison transferred him to Khomeini Hospital in Urmia for treatment, but the treatment was not successful”. “He was treated before this in Shiraz and if he does not receive treatment, he will lose his leg. Currently, one of his legs is swollen and is three times larger than its normal size which has made walking very difficult for Peighami,” the informed source added.

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