Iran: Chief of Police says internet should be controlled internally

Iran internet access

The state-run Fars news agency cited Iran’s Police Chief on March 29, as saying that the internet should be managed inside the country.

“The challenges, harms and threats of cyberspace were presented and discussed in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, and we hope that the decisions taken in the meetings will also prevent the threats and also explore the opportunities in this space,” he added.

“What the Law Enforcement Forces say is that cyberspace has to be managed and that depends on the servers and infrastructure of this space being brought inside the country,” Ashtari said.

“We have to move towards a national internet and internal networks and strengthen these,” the Chief of the Law Enforcement Forces added.
“We say that the management of cyberspace should be in the authority of internal systems and that we should fully have cyberspace infrastructure inside the country,” the police chief said.