Iran: No news on Baluch political prisoner 23 days after unknown transfer

Emadoddin Molazehi

Emadoddin Molazehi, a Baluch political prisoner at the Saravan Prison, was taken to an unknown location. Some sources say that he was transferred to quarantine by Iraj Nourbaksh, the current heard of prison. According to prison authorities who brought his belongings back to his cell, he was transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence. The family of this prisoner wrote a letter to the head of the judiciary on March 20 expressing their concern over their son’s condition. The Molazehi family had emphasized that they had not received any phone calls from their son since his transfer. “Some elements of the Ministry of Intelligence are trying to keep Emad in prison by placing pressure on us and this is not fair”, the family wrote in their letter.
Despite the passing of 17 days since the transfer of the political prisoner, there is still no information on his whereabouts and condition.
Emaddodin Molazehi was arrested in Saravan in 2016 along with Hafiz Yaqoub Jahandideh and was transferred to the Zahedan Intelligence Agency after a few days in Saravan Prison. During this time, he was tortured and forced to make confessions on camera.
His first court session was held on March 14, 2017 without a lawyer and behind closed doors in the Saravan Revolutionary Court. He was sentenced to 15 years of prison while Yaqoub Jahani was sentenced to 10 years of prison. His sentence was lowered to 10 years of prison in a court of appeals…
The political prisoner has appealed the sentence again and is awaiting the verdict by a court of appeals. According to Molazehi, he had survived an assassination attempt by security forces before his arrest.