Report on deplorable conditions in Gorgan’s Amir Abad Prison

Amir Abad prison

A number of political prisoners including Ruzbeh Gilasian and Nima Saffar are serving their prison terms in Amir Abad prison in Gorgan, northern Iran.

The quarantine of Amir Abad prison has 20 rooms facing each other. The rooms lack entrance doors and each room has four bunk beds.

According to the number of beds, it can hold 160 prisoners. One room has been allocated to clerics who are detained for political and nonpolitical reasons…

The hygiene of the quarantine has been reported as unsuitable. Reports indicate that the drinking water for prisoners is provided from unsanitary well water which has led to gastrointestinal and kidney diseases among prisoners.

The quarantine also lacks medical professionals and cases of prescribing wrong medicines have led to serious health threats for prisoners.

There are only two showers, with very cold water, for all the prisoners in the quarantine.

The section does not have a kitchen or refrigerator and prisoners are fed unhealthy food and do not have access to dairy products and meat…

Reports also indicate that there is only one phone booth, which is out of service most of the time, which limits prisoners’ access to their families and loved ones.

The guards’ treatment of prisoners has also been described as very violent and reports indicate that prison officials do not hesitate to use violence and beat prisoners.

The ventilation system is faulty and prisoners usually breathe in dusty air.