Overuse of agricultural irrigation endangers Lorestan river

Lorestan river

The Managing Director of the Lorestan Regional Water Company said that the Madian Roud River was dying.
The Madian River is used for irrigating the famous fig groves in the Zivdar region in Poldokhtar.
“Although in the past 10 years, no permit has been issued by the regional water company for using the water of Madian River, unfortunately, since 2011 until now, the area of the fig groves has grown about twice as large as before without authorization and this has made the irrigation of the older groves extremely difficult”, Dr. Reza Mirzaie said…
“The state of the river is very disturbing and it is predicted that in June this year its irrigational properties would reach zero percent and that it would completely dry out”, he added. (The state-run ISNA news agency- Apr. 1, 2018)