Two prisoners severely beaten in Saravan Prison in wave of prison brutality

Two prisoners at Saravan Prison were severely beaten by authorities in two separate incidents in this prison.  Last night, Ahmad Marandegani, who had gone to the clinic to receive his “pill rations” was beaten by a guard identified as Parviz Pudineh for verbally clashing and criticizing the assistant medic.

The guard then took Marandegani to an officer identified as Mehrdad Khomr, who cuffed the prisoner to the prison door and tortured him with a baton.

Eyewitness said that despite Marandegani’s pleading with them to stop the guards tortured him until morning. The sounds from the torture prevented prisoners detained in all the sections from resting.

“Another prisoner named Ahmad Malekzadeh who wanted to go to the prison library was prevented by a guard identified as Omid Haftadmolla,” an informed source said.

“They started arguing and the guard took Malekzadeh to an officer identified as Ismael Nora who cuffed him and beat him.

“After the severe beatings, he was transferred to quarantine and is still in quarantine,” the source added.

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