Hepatitis spreading in impoverished areas in Ahwaz due to water contamination

A city official in Ahwaz said that skin diseases and hepatitis have increased due to a decrease in the quality of drinking water as a result of the mixing of water and sewage in some poverty stricken areas in Ahwaz.

“In impoverished areas such as Ein 2, Hasirabad, Molashieh, and Koy-e Alavi, the quality of drinking water is much lower than standard levels due to a mixture of water and sewage and is not even suitable for ablution”, Nasser Mousavinejad, a member of Ahwaz City Council said. Iraj Nazari, the director of the Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, had reported several cases of hepatitis A prior to this. He had mentioned the drop in water pressure in the warmer seasons and lack of water as other reasons for the contamination.

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