Iran: 70,000 Arrested on Cybernetic Activities in Iran

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70,000 Arrested on Cybernetic Activities in Iran

Kamal Hadyanfar, head of FATA (Cyber Police) said 70,000 people have been arrested in Iran on cybernetic charges.

“30,186 criminal channels and groups have been identified in Telegram including 23,000 channels of immoral activities, 650 anti-religious, anti-Islam and Quran channels….51% of immoral crimes is committed at Telegram, 23% at Instagram and 11% at WhatsApp”, Hadyanfar said.

This senior officer of FATA said: “During last year (Mar.21, 2017-Mar.21, 2018) we have dealt with 668 gambling websites and channels, 3395 more were identified and more than 200 billion Tomans (a dollar almost equals 5500 tomans) have been in circulation. He mentioned the cooperation between the Central Bank and the Judiciary at the end of last year and underlined: more than 141 banking doorways have been blocked.

Hadyanfar mentioned that FATA’s agents have risen from 17,000 to 54,000.

The head of NAJA’s FATA mentioned that since seven years ago the rate of cybernetic crimes has 900% rise in the country: “In other words for every 1400 person in the country on crime is committed. The statistic is much less in many countries including India”.

He informed that since the foundation of this organ, 120,000 cases have opened file and added: “Among these cases, 86% of them have led to discovery and more than 70,000 people have been arrested, amongst which 77% have been men and 23% women”.

Mentioning that last year 39,000 crimes have been committed in virtual space, Hadyanfar said that from these, 33,000 of them have been discovered.  (Fars state-run News Agency, Moj state-run News Agency – Apr. 29, 2018)