The Security Organs Have Driven a Family towards Committing Suicide

Nishtman Hossein Panahi

Amjad Hossein Panahi, political and human rights activist residing in Germany said that though his family are happy of the temporary halt in Ramin Hossein Panahi’s execution but at the same time they are mourning for the death of his 25 years old niece (Nishtmun) who committed suicide under the pressure of the detention of her relatives including her husband and the consecutive summoning by the intelligence bodies.

Ahmad Hossein Panahi, Nishtmun’s husband is serving a 5-years term at Sanandaj Prison charged with “acting against the national security.” She has a four years old daughter which is now living by her grandmother having no parents around her.

“The intelligence ministry summoned my old father and mother and threatened them to conduct an interview and denounce Ramin and their other children…there is no grown up left in our family that has not been summoned to the intelligence bodies and to IRCG and not threatened,” said this political activist.

Ramin’s lawyer, Hossein Ahmadi Nyaz, said that Ramin’s decree is temporarily postponed and he has been returned to the public ward at Sanandaj Prison but until his decree is fully nulled they are worried about the fact that he might be executed.”