Iranian protester Farzad Sahraie Serving at Qom Prison

Fazad Sahraei, arrested during national protests on January 2018 and arrested in the city of Qom started serving his two years imprisonment on Saturday May 5th.

He was arrested in front of his residence being beaten by security forces and after a few days of interrogation along with mayhem he was transferred to ward 12 of Langrood Prison. Being freed on bail he was eventually tried by judge Qhasemi at branch one of Qom Province’s (so-called) Revolutionary Court in two sessions and only for few minutes.

It is to be mentioned that two other protesters; Ali Ebadi and Hassan Badi’I who were arrested at the same time but in different cases were condemned to 10 and 2 years imprisonment respectively. Due to act 134, known as assemblage of decrees 5 years of Mr. Ebadi’s sentence will be enforced.

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