Tehran Exhibition Center Represents Books against Baha’is

exhibition against Baha'is

After a few days of opening of Tehran International Book Exhibition, the number of books regarding Baha’i faith have noticeably increased. These books have

titles such as “The Astray Sect of Baha’i”.

In that regard, The Center of Islamic Revolution Documents has presented a book package aiming at “knowing different aspects of Baha’i sect”. Also the Center of Baha’i research, having two pavilions there is dedicating its book to such cause.

Escalation in introducing such books by organs with huge governmental budgets at Tehran’s book exhibition comes at a time when Baha’is have no right to express their believe in Iran, no right to have religious organization and are deprived of having their rituals. Currently tens of Baha’i citizens are either in jail or are facing several years imprisonment in Iran for expressing their believes or participating in Baha’I office works. (Human Rights Activists in Iran- May 7, 2018)