Iran: Disciplinary Patrols Equipped with Uniform Cameras

Mohammad Sharafi, the head of NAJA (Disciplinary Force of Islamic Republic) cited that police budget has escalated to equip its patrols with uniform cameras asap in the current year.

He said: “About the uniform cameras, fortunately under special auspices of the commander of NAJA, 4000 cameras are predicted for the current year.”

This senior NAJA official underscored: “All the patrols are tasked with having the cameras on during their patrol and have to tape all the events continuously. The head of police stations must check the files with precision and follow and archive the necessary events.”

“There are special vehicles dedicated to this job in addition to usual tasks of NAJA which have lots of other efficiencies and can fill for deficiencies in this accord. (ISNA state-run News Agency- May 10, 2018)

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