Iran: Eight Detainees on Hunger Strike

It is for several days that eight people arrested in Khozestan’s peaceful demonstrations have gone on hunger strike to protest prison’s dire conditions and heavy bails.

They are: Adeh Obayavi-poor, 25; Mehdi Majdi Obaydavi, Bagher Obaydavi, Bashir Tamimi, Hamzeh Saedi, Mohammad Shakhi, Ali Shakhi and Ahmad Afri, 29.

These people are from city of Hamidieh and are arrested because they are Sunnis.

They have been kept in Shayban Prison in Ahwaz for 10 months under custody without their files being referred to court. Their detention is constantly extended.

Prison officials told them and their families who followed their case, that “in case they continue their hunger strike they will be transferred to solitary confinement.”

It is to be mentioned that during the demonstration of Arab citizens in Khozestan that lasted several days, at least 500 people have been arrested amongst them kids between 11 to 15 years old. More than 250 of them have been transferred to Shayban Prison in Ahwaz.

They are all kept in a separate ward in 10 quarantine sections. Each section has seven cells and in each cell the prisoners are in harsh condition. They are deprived of having connection with other prisoners and are banned from any visit.

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