Iran: Two prisoners executed in Bandar Abbas and Zahedan

Iran execution

A prisoner was publicly hanged today in Khalij-e Fars Blvd. of Bandar Abbas, capital of the southern province of Hormozgan. The victim who has not been named by the state media was found guilty of murder.

At the same time another prisoner was hanged in the central prison of Zahedan, southeastern Iran. He was also convicted of murder.

In another development Two convicts charged awith murder in Golestan and Mazandaran provinces were hanged yesterday at Gorgan Prison, north or Iran. Hadi Hashemian, the head of Golestan Judiciary said: “The execution decree for the primary convicts of this 8000-pages file was endorsed at the country’s Supreme Court. The third-in-row culprit, who was found guilty was exiled”. “The culprits were arrested during a strike,” he added. (State-run broadcasting news agency; Seda & Sima- May 12, 2018)