Iran: Prison Guards Broke the Knee and Shoulder of an Inmate

Prison guards of The Great Tehran Penitentiary prison severely beat and broke the knee and shoulder of a young inmate, Morteza Chalehkesh on the pretext of breaking from the prison.

The Great Tehran Penitentiary is located in the far south region of Tehran Province at Karaj Old Rd. It is said that this prison is famous as the largest prison in the Middle East.

In yet another case on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Fazolah Kharoot, a 20 years old inmate at ward one of Zahedan Central Prison beaten by prison’s officials got his teeth broken and his face injured. He is indicted with robbery and confined for one year so far.

A source close to his family explained the prison officials had ignorance about his phone card; his only way to contact his family, and he is confined for one year without his case reaching a conclusion, so he had a verbal quarrel with the head of the ward; afterwards the prison agents took him to the guards’ room and severely beat him.

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