Civil Activist Summoned to the Culture & Media Court

Based on a subpoena received by Mehrdad Garivani on May 16, 2018, he must go to branch 2 of interrogation office of Culture & Media Court in five days to offer his last defense. He refused and announced: “I believe that a government that is based on theft, corruption and treason towards its people has no right to judge.”

Mehrdad, civil activist and a physics student at Qom University was first arrested on Jan. 26, 2017 and was freed on Aug. 2, 2017 from Evin prison after five months of interrogation and imprisonment and three times extension of his illegal detention time.

During that time, he was confined at wards 2A and 240 of Evin prison. The reason for his detention is his revelation about Saeed Tooshi’s acts.

Saeed Toosi, Khamenei’s famous Quran reader has been the subject of complaints of many youths for his mal treatment towards and raping of young Quran readers.


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