A number were arrested in the truck drivers’ strike

During the recent truck drivers’ strike, a number of people have been arrested. Aftab State-Run Website wrote a quote from the representative of the parliament, Hashemi Takhti Nejad, that during the truck drivers’ strike, people were arrested that didn’t have any relations with trucks and were not drivers. He added that our truck drivers must know they will calmly meet their demands and there are always some people out there against the regime and ready to take political action from the demands of the people. So, they should not interfere in these matters. (Aftab state-run Website May 30, 2018) The truck and truck drivers’ strike has started since May 22, 2018 and they have pointed out the reasons of the strike is due to the low fares despite the rising cost of lorries, the high commission load, and the suspension of premium subsidies.

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