Lack of treatment resulted in the death of a prisoner

A 40 years old prisoner, named Gholam Nabi Rigi, who was sentenced to death, died in Zahedan Central Prison due to lack of timely medical treatment. An informed source said that Gholam Nabi Rigi was kept in Zahedan Central Prison for about 8 months. Yesterday at one o’clock in the afternoon, he suffered a seizure and was transferred to the prison’s clinic. The clinic doctor after examining the prisoner, prescribes that he is in serious condition and should be transferred to the medical centers outside the prison.

But before his transfer and arrival to the hospital, Khosravi, the Prison Director and Sadegh Movadi, the Secretary of the Judge, in charge of the prison, prevented his referral and mentioned that the prisoner is falsifying his illness and the reason of his serious condition is due to the use of narcotics.

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