Malayer court sentences activist to 23 months in prison

Taymour Khaledian, a civil activist who had recently revealed he was “severely beaten and sexually tortured” was sentenced to 23 months behind bars.

The first branch of the Revolutionary Court, chaired by Judge Behnam Rezawandi, without considering the subject of beatings and sexual harassment during the arrest, sentenced Taymour Khaledian to 20 months of imprisonment and three months suspended imprisonment on charges of participating in the national protests of January 2018. Taymour Khaledian, 35, a designer and manufacturer of furniture in Malayer, western Iran, was detained on December 31, 2017 during the national protests. He was released on January 21, 2018 after 20 days on bail.

The human rights activist before the court, revealed in a conversation about his torture and sexual harassment at the Malayer police station and said that after being transferred to the police station of the Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards known as the Kalantari Park (a police station), he was tortured by brutal and ruthless soldiers. He mentioned that ten men took him under electroshock and batons. They also kicked and punched, and then mumbled him with violence and beat him with baton. Then, put and pressed the baton on his back and started pushing it on his pants so hard which was painful, and he felt like dying and was left when he was almost dead. The high pressure of the batons caused a traumatic injury leaving the coccyx bone (tailbone) broken and for forty days, in addition to the pain and burning, sitting is still difficult for him.

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